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Link Relationship Plugin for WordPress

June 12, 2004

One thing I’ve missed with WordPress is having nicely defined Link relationships between posts. All it takes is a little <link rel="next" title="" href="" /> or <link rel="prev" title="" href="" />.

Here’s a Link rel Plugin for WordPress. Still version 0.1, so don’t come after me if it doesn’t work properly yet. I’m still testing, and adding in various other relationships beyond just next and prev… ;)
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Choosing your sWord

June 4, 2004

Yesterday I wrote about why I chose WordPress for I had my reasons – I like that I can drive the whole site with one template, that it is based on PHP, and that because of my experience with PHP there was a very low barrier to entry – no new language or syntax to learn.

Matt, the kind soul that he is, noted my entry on PhotoMatt, which prompted me to read a few other related entries over there.
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One Word: ImPressive

June 2, 2004

OK, I admit it. I’m on the WordPress bandwagon.

It took me a total of 6 hours to get this blog running the way that I wanted it to run. That includes the initial install, customizing the templates, and getting the settings set the way that I want them to be, at least for now. Yes, I did already have a design to work from (you’re looking at it), so that doesn’t count as part of the equation. I’m not done yet, but for the most part, I have a functioning blog, with a customized design, and some customized functionality. Only one word fits: Impressive.
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