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Quotable: On Glass Ceilings

July 18, 2004

I’ve been finding quotes lately that I like and that have some “generalizability” about them — where I can substitute something from my own context into their quote. As an example, the following quote was adapted from Design’s Glass Ceiling by Rob Bennett. Fill in the blanks with pretty much whatever you want to fit your scenario – mine were all to do with accessibility. Users of modern browsers can hover to see Rob’s original words (sorry keyboard users, I’m working on it…)

Having spent the last six and a half years working in-house for financial services companies, I have seen many sides of the relationship between design and … management. One thing that's clear is that management sees design as a service rather than a collaborator to the business process, thus the value of design is frequently discounted. (If you are, in terms of the P&L, just an expense you're not valuable). Too often I've been told it isn't important for design to be in initial marketing project meetings with a client. Important enough for the writer to be there but not a designer? As I don't agree with this at all, I've had to push my way into these meetings and, personally, I'm a little exhausted from what's become essentially a solo effort.

Comments? Leave your own substituted words and phrases…

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