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Affiliate Program for Web Directions North

November 28, 2006
Web Directions North: Feb 6-10, 2007; Vancouver, Canada

We’ve added a new feature to the Web Directions North conference (Vancouver, Canada, Feb 6-10, 2007). Affiliates.

Yes, affiliates.

Quite simply: you sign up to become an affiliate and we set you up with your own link. Anyone that signs up via that link works in your favour: if you get 4 to sign up via your link, your registration is free. And we’ll keep adding on for you if you keep getting people to sign up.

Have clients that might be interested in the conference? Send them the link. Or, if you prefer, get a group of 5 together, and split the costs 4 ways for a tidy savings. Sound enticing? We think it does – join us in Vancouver for a world-class conference.

2 Responses

Comment by Ben Buchanan — Nov 29 2006 @ 5:25 pm

If I sign up ten do I get airfares as well? :P

Seriously though, this is such a great idea!

Comment by feather — Nov 29 2006 @ 5:31 pm

Ben – no, if you sign up 10 you don’t get airfare, but you would get some of your other items like nights in the hotel covered. Sign up enough and I’m sure we can swing your airfare! :)