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In 2007

January 2, 2007

A quick post to kick off the first work day of 2007. Mostly to remind myself what I’m aiming for this year and to document some goals of mine. I haven’t thought them all completely through, but really, who ever does?

This year I will:

  • code less, consult more
  • focus on growing and building the business
  • finish the redesign of the company site
  • provide more seminars, workshops and training
  • speak at between 6-10 conferences
  • hire a designer/developer
  • be more productive but work fewer hours in a week
  • engage in more broad “user experience” work
  • serve as a hired gun for an agency that wants accessibility help
  • more fully implement kinkless GTD
  • write a book
  • eat more fruit and vegetables and less chocolate, chips and candy
  • increase company revenue by 15% or more
  • say no
  • leave my email client closed until 11am
  • move the office completely out of the house (no more hybrid)
  • run the IronMan (Lake Placid, NY) on July 22, 2007

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