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WCAG 2: A Done Deal

April 1, 2007

At last. I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever see an end to this, but it looks like WCAG 2.0 has finally been sorted out.

This is a great move forward for web accessibility—for the web as a whole—one which will leave a permanent mark. Finally getting WCAG 2.0 sorted out was my goal when I joined the W3C, and now that it has been accomplished, I’m happy to say to all those out there that thought it couldn’t be done: We did it!.

Olivier (Oli) Farlop

5 Responses

Comment by Jeff Davies — Mar 31 2007 @ 8:51 pm

Had to check the date – thought it was an April fools joke :)

Comment by Gary Barber — Apr 01 2007 @ 6:09 am

Derek, Nice, very nice… just enough to make people prick their ears up.. :)

Comment by Zach Hale — Apr 01 2007 @ 4:37 pm

Ha! Finally. :)

Comment by Patrick — Apr 02 2007 @ 1:18 pm

Ha! Nicely done.

Comment by WTL — Apr 04 2007 @ 12:03 pm

Okay, that was just funny.

What will be even funnier is if this ranks higher on Google when the new standards are actually released. ;-)