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More Buzz: DOM Scripting Task Force Launched

July 18, 2005
Web Standards Project

Hot on the heels of the Web Standards Project‘s announcement of the Accessibility Task Force comes the announcement of the DOM Scripting Task Force (DSTF).

After June’s @media conference, there was a meetup of several JavaScript minds organized by Peter-Paul Koch (ppk). It was an absolute pleasure to have been invited along to the meetup by my friend, and fellow DOM Scripting believer/advocate Jeremy Keith. There was much enthusiasm, much excitement, and much work to be done. Shortly thereafter, an informal group became the DOM Scripting Task Force.

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Dockable Comments: Intelligent DOM Scripting

May 23, 2005

About a month ago I wrote Browser Elitism and Browser Elitism Part 2. These posts saw fairly high traffic and got quite a few comments. So much so in fact that I didn’t find it very easy to comment properly and address the points that people were making in their comments. A few days after I set out to “solve” that problem, only to find out weeks later that Jonathan Snook had done something similar in his post Experiment with position: fixed.

Cool that we came up with similar ideas at almost the same time. Spooky that we only live about 10 minutes from each other. I love that the fixed comment form was integrated into Jonathan’s 78th redesign. I, on the other hand, am not quite ready for a full redesign, but wanted to implement the functionality right away. So, here it is – dockable comments.

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