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Comment Spam or Branding?

February 14, 2006

There are a few ways to get your blog “discovered.” A common strategy is to find the blogs that you like that discuss topics in which you’re interested, leave comments, hope people click on your name and visit your site, like what they see – ultimately resulting in them linking to, and commenting on, your site. This is not rocket science.

As blogs gain popularity the way blogs are used is changing. In particular, strategic blog comments are changing. Now we see commenters that are:

  1. using their URL with their name (Comment by: David Hasselhoff –
  2. using a key phrase with, or in place of, their name (Comment by: David Hasselhoff – swimwear consulting and strategy)
  3. using what amounts to a “signature” file at the end of their comments like they would sign an email (All the best, David Hasselhoff,, Swimwear consulting and strategy)

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Four Steps to Becoming an Accessibility Consultant

February 2, 2006
Step 1
Put the words “Accessibility Consultant” on your business card.
Step 2
Ok, I lied. There is only one step.
Step 3
No, really. There’s only one step.
Step 4
Look, get over it already. The simple fact is that there really is only one step.

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January Round Up

January 27, 2006

There’s a whole host of things I’ve wanted to talk about for a while, and I’ve not been able to put them each into a full post. Rather than try to write a full entry on each, here is the executive summary version of what’s been going on recently and what’s coming up:

Business and Blogging

In the final quarter of 2005, I discovered that I was getting a few clients (or at least prospective ones) via my blog. That was new to me for two reasons:
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Finally, my free iPod

June 17, 2005

There are currently two popular methods to get a free iPod – you can either sell your soul like Jeff Croft (sorry, Jeff ;) ), or win one of Mike Davidson’s contests. I wasn’t really interested in selling my soul, so that was out, and I haven’t really had much time to put together anything creative for Mike D’s contests, and even if I did win, I’m not sure I could take it from him anyway. Enter the bank and my need to set up another bank account. I looked at all of our banks (we only have a handful of banks in Canada) and was deciding where I wanted to do business.

My fellow Canadians – take note. Until mid-August, TD Canada Trust is offering free iPods to people that switch their accounts over to them.

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Getting New Customers: A Dry Cleaning Story

September 9, 2004

A local dry cleaning company has taken the leg up on competition, and I’ve happily given them all my business. Not only that – they convinced me to pay more money than I was paying at the previous cleaner I had used for 3 years. How did it happen? There were a few things that enticed us to move our business to them and a few more that convinced us to stay.
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