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OGRE Meeting and Presentation

March 24, 2006
Ruby on Rails

Last Wednesday night (March 22, 2006) I had the privelege of talking with one of our local user groups: the Ottawa Group of Ruby Enthusiasts (OGRE). I did a short presentation on Web Accessibility (surprise, surprise). I was really pleased to see that the group was interested in accessibility – they asked some excellent questions. After the session I had a number of people asking me more in depth questions looking for different possible solutions to making their web sites or applications more accessible. Yes – we were talking about making Web 2.0 applications more accessible. Awesome – it is great to find people that want to do the right thing!

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Ottawa Group of Ruby Enthusiasts (OGRE)

January 26, 2006
Ruby on Rails

Last night a group of us here in Ottawa, formally known as OGRE (Ottawa Group of Ruby Enthusiasts), got together for a few hours to chat about some new things happening locally and to generally “get out of the house” (at least that was a good part of my reason for going – when you’re working for yourself, its very easy to get stuck in “work all day and never leave the house” mode)

Here’s a few notes, observations and questions:
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